"I'm so impressed with Dr. Hricko and the Invisalign. Within the first couple of weeks I already noticed a definite difference in the look, and the feel when I flossed my teeth. They're comfortable to wear and I don't feel that they are visible when I work on television, which means I can wear them more consistently than I had anticipated. I'm so happy that I chose to do this with Dr. Hricko. She is friendly and warm, very professional and always reachable. If I have a question about the process Dr. Hricko always gets back to me in a very timely manner."
Michael O'Connor
Jewelry and Style Expert
Television Commentator

"I was very stressed the year that I was planning my wedding, but with Dr. Hricko as my orthodontist, I had no stress about how great my smile would look on my wedding day. Her confidence, experience, and warmth are what set her apart and her staff are very nice and helpful. In the middle of a hectic day, I always enjoyed going to the office to see her."

"I have been a patient of Dr. Hricko's for almost 2 years, and have been incredibly pleased with her outstanding orthodontic work. Given a very busy work schedule, I am always impressed with Dr. Hricko and her staff's flexibility in scheduling appointments and the ease with which she can be reached should I need to make last minute changes. Dr. Hricko is very attentive to her patients' needs, is thoughtful in explaining various options, and leaves me very confident that under her care, I will make the best decisions for all my dental needs."

"I had such a wonderful experience straightening my teeth with Dr.Gabriela Hricko. I had seen 2 orthodontists before her, but after meeting her and experiencing her vibrant energy and professionalism, I knew that I wanted her to make my smile perfect for my wedding day. And she did!! I highly recommend her."

"Initially, I was very reluctant to get braces, but Dr. Hricko guided me through the processes, educating me every step of the way so I always felt comfortable and I always knew what was going on.  Now, my smile is amazing, my teeth are straight and I face each day and every person I meet with a whole new level of confidence. Thank you Dr. Hricko!"

"The invisalign treatment you gave me worked out perfectly.  No one ever knew I was wearing braces and now my teeth are straight and I can't stop smiling."

Invisalign Premier Provider 2015American Association Of Orthodontists